We don't speak "geek", we talk business.

We are the first IT company to ever be quoted on the Macedonian stock exchange and can be found under the ticker symbol, IDVP. However, we're not just in Macedonia, we have partners all over Europe to make sure our friendly face is local to you...wherever you are.

Whilst we are considered software developers, we're actually a little more interesting than that, we focus very much on applications that are intended for marketing campaigns, business functions or innovations that bring purpose to technology...call us Purpose Driven Developers if you like.

Mobile Applications

We can do all sorts of projects from basic iPhone/Android/Blackberry app development on specification to consultancy to help you develop your idea into a commercial application.

iPhone apps are becoming more significant as a means of promoting and marketing a company and as such, mini-applications that are used in specific trade fairs, promotions or in support of a new product launch are increasingly popular. This has opened up a new space of mobile development as the question then arises, if we make this work for iPhone users, we should probably develop this for other platforms too.

Web Applications

As well as having developed our own web applications we also provide web development services with capabilities ranging from simple website builds to complex applications. We specialise in Java, PHP, Ajax, Flex and MySQL. If you just want a basic website making, hosting or technical consultancy, please count us among your friends, we won't try and baffle you with complicated technical stuff, we can speak like normal business people and give you deliverables that mean something in your language. And, it's probably worth mentioning our own software product, ActiveReception, at this point.


is great for monitoring your website traffic in real-time, chatting to your visitors and with some brilliant extra features, let's you segment, profile and qualify all your website visitors as they're live on your site.

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